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Iraq Suppliers is an international online information resource designed for the benefit of contractors, specifiers, manufacturers, retailers, export/import agents, distributors and any other individuals or organisations looking to foster joint venture agreements. Independently produced, but with support from the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Iraq Suppliers will be a medium through which companies from around the globe can promote their products and services.

Any organisations that are interested in supplying contractors for the reconstruction of Iraq can register online to join our database and become part of an ever-growing community aiding the procurement agencies with a wide range of goods and services.

The key to the success of the website lies in its simplicity of design and relevance of content. Subscribers are able to access and navigate the site easily and effectively, gaining a realistic return for their time spent online. Information is available throughout the site on the latest developments within all relevant industries, providing a '24/7' source of reliable business news and opportunities.

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This includes:
The most up-to-date detailed information available on the many projects planned and taking place in Iraq, with details such as the type of project, its current status, where it is taking place, its related sector and the organisations involved.
Industry information on the key sectors in Iraq, such as construction, oil and gas, telecommunications, security, utilities, information technology, agriculture, medical and education.
Company searches based on industry.
Company searches based on key words.
Alphabetical company listings.
Opportunities for listing your company.
Iraq Suppliers is a sister website of, a website dedicated to Iraq Procurement 2004, an event taking place in the UK in April which will offer attendees the opportunity to meet the leading Iraqi contractors and government ministers, and to discuss their equipment, material and contract requirements.
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