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With the conflict in Iraq now over, a new era in both business and in politics will begin. Aided by the support of coalition countries, the rebuilding of Iraq is steadily gaining momentum. There are a number of objectives outlined for the rebuilding of Iraq. Businesses from all over the world are set to work with Iraqis to aid in the country's reconstruction. A multitude of projects will be undertaken in the economic, security and service sectors. These will include programs in education, healthcare, food security, infrastructure reconstruction, airport and seaport management, economic growth, community development initiatives, local governance and transition initiatives.

The Iraq Program Management Office (PMO) was set up by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to prioritise and oversee all procurement funded by the new US government appropriation of over $18.6 billion for Iraq's reconstruction. On 6 January 2004, the PMO released nine requests for proposals (RFPs) for 17 contracts, set to be awarded in March 2004. Seven of these contracts are for program management services, one of which will support the activities of the PMO, while the other six will support the electrical, public works and water, security and justice, building and health, transport and communications, and oil sectors respectively.

Companies from 63 coalition countries are eligible to compete as prime contractors, while companies from all non-terrorist countries will be eligible for sub-contracts, provided that they demonstrate the necessary experience, financial capability, personnel competancy and demonstrate their desire to have a positive impact on the Iraqi economy. Prime contractors and sub-contractors will be expected to partner with local Iraqi companies at every opportunity.

Project announced to rebuild Tadji, recruiting stations (03/02/04)
It has been announced that work will begin shortly on a $28.3 million project to renovate the Tadji military base and Iraqi Armed Forces recruiting stations, funded by the Project Management Office (PMO) of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA).
Work set to begin at Al Kasik base (02/02/04)
A $46.7 million project will begin shortly at the Al Kasik Army Base for the Iraqi Armed Forces, located in the northern part of Iraq, west of Mosul.
Reconstruction work to begin at An Numiniyah (02/02/04)
Work will start shortly on a $65.4 million project to rebuild the An Numiniyah military base for the Iraqi Armed Forces, it was announced last week.
This section of Iraq Suppliers will provide all the necessary information concerning the individual business projects undertaken and the companies involved in aiding in the reconstruction of Iraq as they are announced, in addition to our daily news updates.
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